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Dear Abbie,

Dear Abbie, 


Remember when you played “Stop This Train” by John Mayer for me the other day when we were at dad’s house?  You had just made Pad Thai that you hated, and as I washed the dishes you played it for me, commanding me to listen to the lyrics really closely. I had to ask you to play it over, like, four times because I kept getting distracted by the sound of washing dishes. 

Well, I decided to listen to the song as the plane started flying out of DC a couple days ago. I was ready to be in my feels, so I played it. I soon regretted it since I found myself silently weeping as I stared out the dark window, worried the guy sitting next to me would think I was a wacko. 

Anyway, I wanted to write to you about this for two reasons: 1. I know that you remember making Pad Thai because it only happened like a week ago, but I have realized that the reason I hate writing blogs is because I can’t quite put to words the thoughts that are actually running through my head, so writing a letter to important people in my life helps it seem more like I’m just talking to you (or someone else) in person, and 2. This song actually has so much value to this season that I (and you) are in. 

For the first time in my life I’m in a position where I am fully responsible for myself. I still have to submit to a higher authority so I know what to do and where I’m going in new, foreign places. But at the same time I’ve been awarded unfamiliar freedom in a completely unfamiliar environment. I’ve lost all the faces, routine, emotions, and experiences of high school. Now I’m in this season where I have to fully trust in the Lord on my own, which is so exciting, but also wild and scary. 

For you it’s different. You’ve graduated college and are on to this working life where you know no one and lack an immediate network of people that share your beliefs and moral compass and hobbies, like the one that I have. However, for me, I see it as an opportunity to grow more and more strong in my relationship with Jesus — the most important thing in my life. 

I started reading the book of Acts yesterday on the plane. You mentioned to me that one of your philosophy books from school argued in the non-existence of miracles today (ones that follow the model of miracles in the Bible). I’m confident in the fact that these miracles, the ones that break the laws of science, do exist, and I’m excited to tell you all about the ones I see! Of course, we can discuss their legitimacy whenever I get home or get a hold of you. You know I love our talks on spirituality and theology 😉

Anyway, like John Mayer’s father said (even tho Graham Nash said it before him, and GOD!! said it first), we are right where we need to be even if it’s not exactly where we want to be at. There are so many little ways each day that God is so faithful to respond to the longings of my heart and assure me of where I am supposed to be, and I know if you listen you’ll sear and hear Him working too. 

Just today the Lord brought a group of little children to the airport. They were on this school trip and we happened upon them on this Airway Overlook room in the Johannesburg airport, and spent thirty minutes doing backbends and singing and dancing with them. It renewed my tired spirit and inspired a new excitement in me for future ministry. Oh and, I found out I was fully funded on the plane to J-Burg? WHAT! God is good and faithful. (More to come on that!)

Well, I have to wrap this up since we’re leaving soon for one last security check before our last flight to Port Elizabeth. Long story short, thanks for always showing me new and groovy tunes (I did know this one before tho), and I miss you already. Also please don’t get my clothes all worn when I’m gone. I love you mucho, and tomorrow maybe try looking for signs of the Lord pursuing you. *He is.


Much love, 




  1. Yes girl!! Miracles do still happen today because God doesn’t change and He still loves to heal His people. Can’t wait for all you’re going to see and the testimonies you’ll be able to share with family and friends. Prayers!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these words from your heart. Praise the Lord! He is greater than science and beyond our understanding. He will do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine…and I can’t wait to hear what He teaches you and how He works through you. Love you!!

  3. This was awesome and encouraging to read this morning 🙂 I’m so glad you’re already learning more about Jesus! Miss you so much already. Love you!

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